The Aim of CCCline

CCCline Aim:

The aim of CCCline is to improve the emotional well being and mental health of people by listening to their concerns and putting them in touch with their inner strengths as well as other support services so they can manage and overcome the difficulties in their lives.

We believe that in most cases people have the capacity to overcome a difficult situation by themselves and may only require some support to find their own solutions.


What does CCCline represent?

Courage to seek assistance

When things are looking up and doubt is not clouding our minds, it’s much easier to move forward and lead a happy life. However, when things are down and our self-esteem is low, it’s a challenge to see the road ahead and find ways to get through it. In most cases we like to think we are “ok” and can manage. In this state of mind it takes enormous amount of courage to admit to ones self that they require assistance and take action to seek assistance.

Compassion to value life

They say the greatest love of all is in loving yourself. Compassion is about empathy and caring for others as well as your own self. This can be difficult for those who are going through depression and don’t feel good about themselves. Self-compassion is the turning point in valuing ones life that leads to action to overcome those difficulties.

Commitment to see it through

Focus and perseverance is vital in being committed to the goals we sets out to achieve. Focus and perseverance can be hard to come by when you face a situation where you feel there is little hope. Some support maybe all that is needed to ensure one stays committed through their journey to good emotional wellbeing.