CCC House

"Mother of a child with cancer from Badulla, Sri Lanka"

CCChouse is a 188-bed cancer transit home for outpatients at the NCI. It’s a similar concept to the Ronald MacDonald Houses in Australia. The CCChouse is the largest facility of its kind for children and their carers as well as adult outpatients with cancer in Sri Lanka.  CCChouse is completed and is fully operational with 188 beds occupied by cancer patients from all across the country.

Approximately 25% of the inpatients at the National Cancer Institute in Maharagama, Sri Lanka (NCI) are outpatients who cannot afford to live in outside accommodation, or travel long distances to and from their rural homes for treatment. This results in over crowding which leaves some outpatients and carers with no option but to sleep on the floors of the corridors, or under beds.

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy weaken the immune system and hence sleeping on the floor puts these outpatients at far greater risk and reduces their chances to fight cancer.

Just imagine not having the basic comforts of a bed when going through the pain of cancer!

How CCChouse is helping

CCChouse is a 188 bed transit home for cancer outpatients and their carers. It is situated inside the premises of the Cancer institute and allows outpatients easy access to their treatment. CCChouse provides a safe and comfortable environment to ensure outpatients have a fighting chance for a speedy recovery.

Children and carers have rooms with attached bathrooms, and adults have dormitory style accommodation with shared facilities. Other facilities include, TV lounge, reading area,meals area, counselling room and play area for children. The CCChouse management and staff are dedicated to the wellbeing of both outpatient and carer.

How you can help

CCC Foundation is run by voluntary committees who are grateful to those who have supported and donated towards making CCChouse a reality. The total cost of building the CCChouse is over Rs. 160 Million (AUD$ 1.6 Million). CCC Foundation has also taken responsibility to operate the CCChouse to world class standard.

The CCC Foundation now requires funds to maintain the CCChouse to ensure it provides the best possible service to outpatients and their carers. Funds are required to cover costs such as staff salaries, cleaning and laundry services, security services, repairs and maintenance etc.

You can help by sponsoring the cost of abed for a child, carer or adult for just AUD$1.60 (Rs. 160) a day or monthly installments of AUD$50 (Rs. 5,000).

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“For us who live so far away this is truly a home away from home. The staff at the CCChouse is so kind and they are totally dedicated to the well being of the children. They also provide us the security we need. All our needs are well looked after at all times. We are ever so grateful to the donors who made this a reality. May they be blessed with best of life and may the team have the strength and the courage to maintain this facility for many more years to come”