Message from the Founder

It is not often we are given opportunities “To Make People Feel Better” or even save their life. Fortunately there are good people out there who see and feel such opportunities and do something about it. That is true compassion.

The voluntary committees and staff at CCChouse and CCCline are proud and passionate to take up the opportunities to support others through their difficult times. By being part of CCC Foundation they have made a commitment to improve the wellbeing of people in Sri Lanka and encourage resilience in those who use our services.

Success of CCC Foundation will depend on our commitment to our Purpose, our Resilience to face the challenges as we move forward, and our Confidence in our services and ourselves. Success is not what we will achieve at the end, but it is what we are willing to do and learn on our journey.

I sincerely thank our voluntary committees and staff for offering their Courage, Compassion and Commitment to make CCC Foundation a quality and respected service that brings much benefit to the people of Sri Lanka.

We must work in collaboration to ensure that “The strength of many will ignite the power of one”. We must also understand and take action to ensure that “The health of a nation is not judged by the number of able bodies, but on the number of able minds”.

Jetha Devapura – Founder & Chairman, CCC Foundation.