Why CCCline is required?

Suicide can be compared to the peak of an iceberg. The majority of an iceberg is buried deep beneath the surface, and likewise so are many social and mental health concerns that can lead to suicide. At one time Sri Lanka had one of the highest suicide rates in the world. This rate has decreased over the years due the great work of many individuals and organisations.

Currently an average of 12 persons die by suicide every day in Sri Lanka. For each person who dies by suicide at least 10 others fail in their attempts. Suicide is more to release one self from the heavy burdens they carry rather than a wish to die. Suicide has no racial or class distinctions.

Past events like the Boxing Day Tsunami and the thirty-year civil war has caused much post traumatic effects on individuals, families and the community. Social stigma, cultural attitudes and economic conditions are some of the underlying reasons for suicide and also why mental health and some social issues go untreated or unresolved. A lack of investment on mental health care also adds to the burden for those needing treatment.