CCC House

CCC HouseThe National Cancer Institute, Maharagama (NCI) is the only tertiary referral centre dedicated for treatment of all types of cancers in Sri Lanka. It was established in 1958 with a staff of less than 10 medical officers. Presently, the specialist edical consultant team consists of eight medical oncologists, two surgeons, a gynaecologist, anaesthetist, haematologist, pathologist, microbiologist, radiologist, physician and a paediatrician. Furthermore, over 80 medical officers assist the consultants to manage the relevant departments.

Each year, the numbers of patients seeking treatment for various types of cancers have increased. At present there are 50 inpatients and approx. 500 attend the outpatient clinics daily. The bed strength of the hospital is 600 and is nsufficient to provide a bed for all resident patients.